Pebs started from our love and desire of preserving nature, thus our jewellery contributes to raising awareness of the beauty and value of the Romanian flora.
Our concept is based on collecting plant species, identifying and preserving them in resin on silver and brass jewellery. All made and designed by adela cremene.
We also encourage and invite designers to collaborate with us by bringing their handcrafts in our store.

Pebs Concept is offering a wide gamma of design products crafted by local artists and small producers. Here's what you can find in our store: minimal silver jewellery, fabric and leather goodies, porcelain, 100% natural cosmetics, cyanotype paintings, botanical illustrations, gift cards and of course the Herbarium Collection Jewellery. Plus a 14k gold limited edition jewellery designed by adela cremene.
Everyday, from 09:30 to 20:00, you can find us at Pebs Concept store on Republicii Street no. 39, Brașov city, Romania. 

Thank you for visiting :)